Here are some of our frequently asked questions relating to the use of our function rooms. If you can’t find the answer to your question below please contact us.


Can I bring in snacks?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in: chippies, dips, crackers and cheese, etc. You will need to provide your own serving platters or bowls.

Can I bring in a cake and or dessert?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in a cake and or dessert. People often have a dessert or lolly table. You will need to bring serviettes or disposable plates or bowls to serve.

Can I subsidise drinks on my bar tab?

Definitely, we advise this to make your bar tab go further. We have a range of: tap beers, wines and RTD’s at $7 and $8. Most people opt for their guests to pay $3 or $4 and put the remainder on the tab. Standard soft drinks are usually free to guests by putting straight on the tab. 

Do you have tea and coffee?

If you wish to offer tea and coffee, we can provide an urn of boiling water and limited coffee cups. If you anticipate large numbers you will need to supply disposable cups or hire additional cups. You will also need to supply: tea, coffee, milk and sugar, etc. 

What time can I come in to decorate?

Your booking gives you the associated function room for the whole day and night. We open at 10am and under normal circumstances your room will be available from then. However, if there has been a function the previous night it will not be available until 12pm. You will need to check closer to your booking for definite availability.

Can I use your house speakers in the lounge bar?

Yes, you are welcome to plug any modern device: phone, laptop, etc, into our house speakers by way of aux cord provided free of charge.

  • Use of the stage speakers and set-up requires a charge of $100. This includes arranged DJ’s using our speakers or music mixer.

Can I hire a microphone?

A free wired microphone is available for the lounge bar only. With a lengthy cord, this allows you to move around on the stage or immediate area.

Can I use your projector screen for a slide show?

Yes, you are welcome to use the big screen for a slide show. Be aware it has a VGA connection not HDMI and you may need to bring an adaptor for newer laptops.

How does the courtesy van work?

The courtesy van will run the entire night until we close. This is a drop off service only, anywhere in the city limit for a gold coin donation. Feilding and Bunnythorpe drop offs can be arranged.